Just Playing Games

The three of us met designing escape rooms in Austin Texas and quickly became enemies. After many play-tests, long nights of constructing games and puzzles we then turned to mutual allies. Since then we have collaborated our focus into board games. Today we would consider ourselves "three best friends" who are constantly designing experiences for all to enjoy no matter the medium.


HASBRO: Emerging Innovator Award 2021

Leo Taylor

  • As a board game designer for the last 13 years he is considered the "Bad Boy" of game design.

  • Loves a bad playtest

  • Loves to scooba dooba

  • Djs on the weekends

George Feledichuk

  • Founder of Earth

  • Has always been, will always be

  • High in beta carotene

David Rudow

  • Known as "Duvey" to humans

  • Prospector?!

  • Wanted in the state of Utah